Baby Slings – the easy way to have happy little people

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As soon as your newborn baby enters this world he will be happiest snuggled up close with his mama.  Being carried in a BabySlings sling he will feel comfortable, safe and secure – he will feel reassured by the familiar sounds of your heartbeat and voice and the constant movement, as you go about your day, will emulate how it was for him in the womb.  Carrying your baby in a sling is the easy way to have a happy baby.

As your baby grows he will want to learn about the world and his place in it – always returning to the safety of the loving arms of a grown up he trusts. The simple design of our BabySlings sling makes it easy to assist your baby or toddler to change positions, as the need arises, and to get in and out of the sling.  The same BabySlings sling can be used to carry your newborn baby and can continue to be used right through to toddlerhood.  As your baby grows you simply change the position he is carried in.  The sling is designed to hold the weight of a child up to 15kg and the durable, yet streamlined, design allows for your child’s weight to be evenly distributed – this reduces strain on your neck and shoulders.

Our BabySlings sling is an essential parenting item.  It provides a convenient, comfortable way to carry and nurture your baby or toddler.

Your classic black BabySlings sling will be so versatile it will look stylish when worn with anything. The style suits both men and women and makes an ideal gift for mothers, fathers, uncles and grannies!

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